Date : 23rd October 2019

Session 1 : 07.30 am - 9.50 am
Session 2 : 15.45 pm - 17.35 pm
No Time Room Name Institution Title
115:45:00Lily 2Achmad MauludinRSUD Al-IhsanThe Radiographic Imaging And Management of Basal Cell Type Ameloblastoma With Hemimandibulectomy: A Case Report
217:15:00Lily 2Alya Tursina, SpS. MH.KesRSAU SalamunThe correlation beetwen vascular risk factors and theprevalance of ischemic stroke in young adults in RSAU Salamun and RSUD Al Ihsan Bandung
315:45:00Lily 1Ambar Hardjanti, SSi., MSiUniversitas YARSI JakartaAedes Aegypti Organophosphate Resistance Detection at Rawasari District of Central Jakarta as an Effort for Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Vector Control
416:25:00Lily 2Ami Rachmi, Sp.KFR.RSUD Al-IhsanUnderstanding Refering System for Knee Osteoarthritis Patient from Primary Health Care’s Physician: Pilot Study in Two Hospital in West Java
516:55:00Tulip 1Annisa Rahmah FurqaaniUniversitas Islam BandungThe Effect of Tomato Juice Administration in Improving Sperm Quality in Mice Exposed to Third-Hand Smoke
617:15:00Tulip 1Annisa Rahmah FurqaaniUniversitas Islam BandungThe Chronic Effects of Aqueous Fraction of Lemon Administration on Body Weight and Visceral Fat Mass of Old Mice Fed by High-fat Diet
717:05:00Tulip 2Arief Budi YuliantiUniversitas Islam BandungNew Object Recognition in mice with unbalanced nourishment
809:20:00Tulip 2Arif WidodoMuhammadiyah University of SurakartaEvaluation of Minimum Mental Health Service Standards : Service Of Patient with Mental Disorder post Shackled Between Expectations and Realities.
916:05:00Tulip 1Avinindita Nura LestariUniversitas Islam BandungSignificant Relationship between Body Mass Index and the Degree of Mitral Valve Stenosis : Supporting Evidence for Obesity Paradox Phenomenon?
1008:20:00Tulip 2BudimanUniversitas Islam BandungAssociation between metacognitive thinking, student reflection and learning approach with the graduation of National Board for Medical Profession (UKMPPD)
1108:00:00Tulip 1Dede RenovaldiUniversitas Muhammadiyah JakartaHepatoprotective Potential of Ethanol Extract of Ocimum americanum L. in Rifampicin-Induced Hepatotoxic Mice
1209:00:00Tulip 1Deis HikmawatiUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis in silico of aloe vera compound as antimelasma
1309:00:00Tulip 2Dicky SantosaUniversitas Islam BandungCase Report: Rett Syndrome
1408:50:00Tulip 2dr. Agung Firmansyah Sumantri, SpPD-KHOM, MMRSRSUD Al-IhsanEffects Of Chloroquine in Combination With Nilotinib On Peripheral Mononuclear Blood Cells From Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Patient that Failure to Treatment
1515:45:00Tulip 2Eddy MultazamUniversitas Muhammadiyah JakartaAntihepatotoxic activity of Ethanol Extract of Ocimum americanum L. in Isoniazid-Induced Hepatotoxic Mice
1615:55:00Lily 1Eka NurhayatiUniversitas Islam BandungPsychoeducation, Can It Reduce The Stigma Against Depression Among Teenagers?
1709:20:00Tulip 1Esti Rachmawati SadiyahUniversitas Islam BandungTotal Polyphenol and Flavonoid Content Comparation of Kertasari Arabica Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Leaves, Pulps, and Beans
1808:30:00Tulip 1Fajar Awalia YuliantoUniversitas Islam BandungReliability of a Common Digital Body Scale to Determine Body Composition
1915:55:00Tulip 1Fatimah AzzakiyahUniversitas Islam BandungIn Vitro Investigation of Cytotoxic of Curcuma longa and Potential Therapeutic use against Breast Cancer
2016:15:00Tulip 1Ferry Achmad Firdaus Mansoer, dr., MM.,SpOG/Aldy Fernando,S.Ked.RSUD Al-IhsanAnticancer Effect Of 11,2-Epoksi-3(3-(3,4-Dimetoksifenil)-4h-1-Benzopiran-4on) Propan (Epi) And Combination With Doxorubicin On Htb183 Lung Cell Cancer Culture
2116:45:00Tulip 2Fitrianti DarusmanUniversitas Islam BandungCounseling And Training To Making Floor Cleaning Fluid From Arab Leaf Extract (Ziziphus Spina-Christi) As Natural Desinfectant And Household Ruqyah Media
2209:50:00Tulip 1Heni MuflihahUniversitas Islam BandungOptimisation for measuring M. tuberculosis antigen-specific T cell response using intra-cytoplasmic cytokine staining of human peripheral blood mononuclear cell
2309:10:00Tulip 1Hilda Aprilia WisnuwardhaniUniversitas Islam BandungCopper nanoparticles synthesis optimization using Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) leaves extract and beta cyclodextrin as a stabilizer
2409:10:00Tulip 2Hilmi Sulaiman RathomiUniversitas Islam BandungDeterminants Associated with Tuberculosis Preventive Behaviour among Household in Rural Area of Bandung District
2516:55:00Lily 1Ibnu SusantoUniversity of Bhayangkara Jakarta RayaDALYs Estimate of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Using Climate Factors in Jakarta, Indonesia
2616:35:00Lily 1Ignasia Yunita SariSTIKES Bethesda Yakkum YogyakartaRelationship between duration of gadget usage and social interaction in preschool children in Terban, Yogyakarta
2708:40:00Tulip 1Ike Rahmawaty Alie/ Lisa Adhia GarinaUniversitas Islam BandungBiomarker Cd 31+ As A Sign Of Endothelial Dysfunction In Children And Adult
2816:45:00Lily 1Indah Dwi JayantiUniversitas Bhayangkara Jakarta RayaThe Application of RFID Technology on Patient Medical Record Information Systems
2916:35:00Tulip 1Indra Topik MaulanaUniversitas Islam BandungPhycochemical Screening And Standard Parameter Determination Of Spirulina Plantesis, Chlorella Vulgaris And Euchema Spinosum That Cultivated In Indonesia
3116:25:00Tulip 2Irma PalupiTelkom UniversityNumerical simulation for tumor growth kinetics to predict respon of Chemotheraphy drugs
3207:40:00Tulip 2IsmawatiUniversitas Islam BandungCharacterization of Local Isolates Bacillus thuringiensis from Soil at Bandung City
3316:05:00Tulip 2Jegathambigai Rameshwar NaiduAsia Metropolitan UniversityCulinary herbs : Potential therapeutic compounds
3417:35:00Tulip 2Jonathan MalagobadanAsia Metropolitan UniversityInhibitory effects of Tiger Milk mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus) extract on ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation in a rodent model of asthma
3507:50:00Tulip 1Julia Hartati, dr.Universitas Islam BandungAcute Toxicity Test for Ethanolic Extract of White Oyster Mushroom
3616:05:00Lily 1Juliani IbrahimUniversitas Muhammadiyah MakassarApplication Of Two Antenatal Care Models To Low Birth Weight Incidence In Community Health Centers
3716:35:00Tulip 2Lani SunarjoPoltekkes Kemenkes SemarangExpression Of Cox2 And Macrophage On Ulcus Healing With Mangosteen Rind Paste
3815:55:00Lily 2Lelly Resna Sp.KJ(K).RSJ CisaruaCase Report: Biopsychosocial Factor Approach to Non Suicidal Self-Injury in adolescent patientsCase Report: Biopsychosocial Factor Approach to Non Suicidal Self-Injury in adolescent patients
3917:15:00Tulip 2Maya TejasariUniversitas Islam BandungMicroRNA-16 Expression Profile on Administration of Active Compound Isolated From Clove Leaf Oil in Liver Cancer Cells Culture for Liver Cancer Targetted Therapy
4016:45:00Lily 2Melisa RamdhaniUniversity of Muhammadiyah JakartaMild Cognitive Impairment In Stroke Patients In Departement Of Neurology Jakarta Islamic Hospital
4108:10:00Tulip 1Meta Maulida DamayantiUniversitas Islam BandungA Histophatological Study of The Smoking Effect by the Micronucleus Assay Correlation to Oral Hygiene Index
4217:05:00Lily 2Mia Kusmiati, dr.MPd.KedUniversitas Islam BandungThe Most Influential Factors in Achieving a Student Academic Performance
4317:35:00Lily 2Miranti Kania DewiUniversitas Islam BandungIn Silico Approach of Sour Soup Leaf for Prediction of Anticancer Molecular Target Therapy
4407:40:00Tulip 1Mirasari PutriUniversitas Islam BandungTreatment Ethanol Extract Of Cogon Grass Cause No Harm for Body Weight and Behavioral Phenotype of Septic Mice Model
4508:30:00Tulip 2Myat Thida WinAsia Metropolitan UniversityPerception and influences of Smartphone usage among primary school children in Muar district in Johor
4617:45:00Lily 1Nabil Saad AlmalaEpidemiological Study Of Cholera Outbreaks During The War In Sana’a-YemenAsia Metropolitan University
4708:40:00Tulip 2Ninuk Permata SariUniversitas Islam BandungLegal Certainty In Indonesia On Medical Secret Security In The E-Health Disruption Era
4808:00:00Tulip 2Nita Emilia ThamrinDinas Kesehatan Kabupaten BandungThe Relationship Between Visits Intensity to Posyandu with Toddler Nutrition Status
4916:15:00Lily 1Nofal Agnia DendyUniversitas Islam BandungSantri Sehat Pocket Book, a novel approach for a Healthy Pesantren.
5007:50:00Tulip 2Nova YuliatiUniversitas Islam BandungEmpowering Local Women to Promote Community Health on Hiv-Aids.
5109:50:00Tulip 2Nurul RomadhonaUniversitas Islam BandungCorrelation of Knowledge Level With Behavior In Tuberculosis Patients
5215:55:00Tulip 2Putri Nur NamiraUniversitas Islam BandungAnti Cancer Effect and Co-chemotherapy of [1,2-epoxy-3(3-(3,4-dimetoksifenil)-4h-1-benzopiran-4on)]Propane with Doxorubicin in Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF7
5309:30:00Tulip 2Ratna Dewi Indi AstutiUniversitas Islam BandungIdentification Characteristics of Santriwati with Pediculosis capitis in Pesantren
5416:05:00Lily 2Rayhana Saleh KuddahUniversitas Muhammadiyah JakartaClinical Profile In Adult Patient Typhoid Fever Inpatients At Hospital X, East Jakarta Period January-March 2018
5516:15:00Tulip 2Rina WijayantiUniversitas Islam Sultan AgungStimulatory Effect of the Methanolic Extract, n-Hexane Insoluble and Soluble Fraction of Parijoto Fruit (Medinilla speciosa Blume) on the Quantity Spermatozoa of Male Sprague Dawley Rats
5616:55:00Lily 2RismalindaBhayangkara UniversityExperience Of Gangrens Wound Patients That Get Wound Treatment With Honey
5708:50:00Tulip 1Sani Ega PrianiUniversitas Islam BandungSkin Penetration Enhancement Of Polyphenolic Compounds From Cocoa Pod Husk Topical Serum Using Phytosome System
5817:25:00Tulip 1Shahnaj PervinAsia Metropolitan UniversityAnimated Embryology class through mobile technology at Asia Metropolitan University
5907:30:00Tulip 2Shenny Dianathasari SantosoUniversitas Islam BandungEvaluation Of Anthropometri Parameter In Ischemic Stroke Patients With The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS)
6017:25:00Lily 1Siska Nia IrasantiUniversitas Islam BandungAnalyze the patient choice of service level upgrade in hospital
6109:40:00Tulip 1Siti Annisa Devi TrusdaUniversitas Islam BandungEffect of flavonoid from clove leaf oil in combination with standard drug on liver cancer cell culture
6216:25:00Tulip 1Siti Thomas ZulaikahUnissula SemarangTender Coconut Water Prevent Lipid Peroxidation and Increase Antioxidant Enzyme on Wistar Rats Induced by Lead
6308:20:00Tulip 1SugiatmiUniversitas Muhammadiyah JakartaDo Fast Food Consumption and Physical Activities Correlate with Blood Pressure In Senior High School Student In South Tangerang, Indonesia?
6409:30:00Tulip 1Susan FitriyanaUniversitas Islam BandungFeatures of lymphocyte infiltration in rat lungs given ethanol extract of white oyster mushrooms and exposure to cigarette smoke
6516:45:00Tulip 1SuwendarUniversitas Islam BandungAntifungal Activities Of Ethanol Extract Of Rose Apple Leaf [Eugenia Aqueum (Burm. F) Alston]
6617:35:00Lily 1Titik RespatiUniversitas Islam BandungImproving Mental Health Literacy Using Board Game for Young People in Bandung
6707:30:00Tulip 1Uci Ary LantikaUniversitas Islam BandungWater extract of Sweet Potato (Ipomea batatas L) Did Not Increase Body Weight of Preganant Mice
6808:10:00Tulip 2Wafa Fahriza SanadUniversitas Islam BandungComparison of methods of delivering PHBS material between tutorials and the provision of Healthy Santri pocket books.
6917:25:00Lily 2Wida PurbaningsihUniversitas Islam BandungHistopathological and Microbiological Analysis for Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnostic Scoring Model Design
7016:55:00Tulip 2Wida PurbaningsihUniversitas Islam BandungCytotoxic Activities Comparison Between Gynura divaricata Extract and Doxorubicin on Carcinoma Mammae Cell Culture (T47D)
7116:15:00Lily 2Wiwiek Setiowulan Sp.A., M.Kes.RS Muhammadiyah BandungAntituberculosis Induced DRESS in a Pediatric LTBI Overdiagnosed as TB Disease
7216:25:00Lily 1Yani TriyaniUniversitas Islam BandungSantri Health Cadre as Innovation Towards Healthy Religious Boarding Schools (Pesantren)
7317:05:00Lily 1Yani TriyaniUniversitas Islam BandungClean and Healthy Living Pocketbook for Pesantren towards Bandung City Free of Scabies
7417:15:00Lily 1Yudi FeriandiUniversitas Islam BandungRisk of Musculoskeletal Injury in Small Scale Industries - a Case study
7517:05:00Tulip 1Yuke AndrianeUniversitas Islam BandungAmeliorative Effect of Ethanol Extract Sea Cucumber on Alloxan Induced Rat
7617:25:00Tulip 2Yuktiana KharismaUniversitas Islam BandungPapaya Fruit Extract on Growth of The Young Mice
7709:40:00Tulip 2Yuli SusantiUniversitas Islam BandungThe correlation of employment periods and working posture to musculoskeletal disorder
7815:45:00Tulip 1YuniartiUniversitas Islam BandungValidity and Reability Anatomy Examination About Organ Structure and Topography
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