Science & Technology Research Symposium (SiRes)

Date : 23rd October 2019

Time : 07.30 am - 15.30 pm

Number Room Name Institution Title
1Lily 1Aceng Komarudin MutaqinUniversitas Islam BandungPure Premium Calculation of Rice Farm Insurance Scheme in Indonesia Based on The 4-Parameter Beta Mixture Distribution
2Lily 1Achmad GhozaliInstitut Teknologi KalimantanSpatial Patterns of Hotel’s Occupation Rate in Balikpapan City
3Lily 1Asep Nana Rukmana/Reni AmarantiUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of the superior potential of sub-districts in Bandung Regency using Analytical Hierarchy Process
4Lily 1Aviasti AnwarUniversitas Islam BandungImplementation Suply Chain Management Concept in Industrial Symbiosis of the Fragrant Lemongrass Distillation
5Lily 1Bagaraja SiraitResearch and Development Centre For Mineral and Coal Technology (tekMIRA).Bandung.Thermal Effects on Sedimentary Rocks of Underground Coal Gasification Site on Musi Banyuasin (South Sumatera), Indonesia
6Lily 1Bambang SiswoyoMaksoem UniversityMachine Learning Approach to Predict and Evaluate Banking’s Business Performance and Bankkruptcy
7Lily 1Didi SuhaediUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of Mathematical Disposition of Vocational Students Using the Rasch Model
8Lily 1Dudi Nasrudin UsmanUniversitas Islam BandungAcid Mine Drainage Interpretation with Statistical Correlation Methods in Gold Mineralization Deposits
9Lily 1Endang PrasetyaningsihUniversitas Islam BandungConceptual Model Of Start-Up Business For Strengthening “Madrasah” Funding Using Dynamic System Approaches
10Lily 1Ernawati HendrakusumahUniversitas Islam BandungUtilization Of Post Mining Land Towards Sustainable Development Learn From Cibeureun Wetan Village, Sumedang, West Java Province
11Lily 1Erwin HarahapUniversitas Islam BandungTraffic Engineering Simulation of Campus Area Transportation Using MATLAB SimEvents
12Lily 1Gina Puspitasari RochmanUniversitas Islam BandungThe Presence of Culture Based on Islamic Values as Creative Resources in Rural Development
13Lily 1Hani BurhanudinUniversitas Islam BandungOptimization of Cross-Regional Water Resources Utilization in Indonesia
14Lily 1Ina Helena AgustinaUniversitas Islam BandungCirebon Palaces in Cosmology Perspective
15Lily 1Ina Helena AgustinaUniversitas Islam BandungLocal Wisdom in The Space System of Keraton Kanoman, Indonesia
16Lily 1Iswandaru IswandaruUniversitas Islam BandungPotential And Constraints In The Spatial And Regional Development Perspective Using Regional Genetic Approach Methods In Leles District, Garut District, West Java Province
17Lily 1Iwan SugiartoUniversitas Islam BandungModeling Bus Scheduling In Bandung City Using Max-Plus Algebra
18Lily 1Lely Syiddatul AkliyahUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of Variables That Influence Waste Management in Kiangroke Village
19Lily 1Linda PulunganUniversitas Islam BandungGold Water Treatment Waste Monitoring And Management With The Fitoremediation Method In Kutawaringin Village, Kec. Kutawaringin, Kabupaten Bandung
20Lily 1Luthfi NurwandiUniversitas Islam BandungPineapple Peel As An Alternative To Fuel Solutions In Indonesia
21Lily 1Mila KarmilahUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangThe Impact of Tourism Development due to Home Base Enterprised in Kartini Beach Area Jepara
22Lily 1MukhlisUniversitas Bhayangkara Jakarta RayaImplementation of neural network backpropagation algorithm to predict idr against usd exchange rate in indonesia stock exchange
23Lily 1Ngatijo Rinto WiyonoUniversitas JambiIncreasing of Performance Silica Modified Quaternary Triamine For Sorption of Gold(III) Ion
24Lily 1Noor Fauzi IsniarnoUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis Velocity Groundwater In Unconfined Aquifer Zone Using Infiltration Measurement
25Lily 1NugrahaUniversitas Islam BandungMeasurement Quality of Services in Laboratory Faculty of Engineering at Bandung Islamic University
26Lily 1Purwanto PurwantoUniversitas Kristen Duta Wacana (UKDW) YogyakartaUtilization of Bamboo Local Materials for Innovation of Playing and Creating Media in Children Age of Preshool
27Lily 1Solihin SolihinUniversitas Islam BandungIdentification of Gold Ore Vein Characteristics Based on the Level of Alteration and Its Effect on Grinding energy Consumption in Kutawaringin Village, Kutawaringin District, Bandung Regency, West Java Province
28Lily 1Sutawanir DarwisUniversitas Islam BandungBearing Degradation Prediction Based on Support Vector Regression
29Lily 1Verry DamayantiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Determinants of Cultural Tourism Attractions Based on Tourist Satisfaction in the Sundapolis Area Bandung City
30Lily 1Yanti Sri RezekiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Design of Manual Packaging Work Station Based On Workers Dimension In "CV. X "
31Lily 1Yunus ArifienUniversitas Nusa BangsaOptimization Of Agriculture Patterns On The Economic Growth Of Bogor Regency
32Lily 1Yunus AshariUniversitas Islam BandungDetermining of the Recharge Area of the Kalijati Industrial Park (KIP) Groundwater Aquifer, a Part of Subang Groundwater Basin, West-Java
33Lily 1Zen MunawarPoliteknik LP3I BandungEntrepreneurial Competence, Use of Information and Technology Competitive Advantages in the Era of Globalization
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