Social & Hummaniora Research Symposium (SoRes)

Date : 23rd October 2019

Time : 07.30 am - 15.30 pm

Number Room Name Institution Title
1GazaniaAan JuliaUniversitas Islam BandungStrategies to achieve zero poverty in Indonesia 2030
2GazaniaAbdul KudusUniversitas Islam BandungThe Readiness of Hotel in Bandung Towards Sharia-Compliant Hotel
3ChrysanAde Yunita MafruhatUniversitas Islam BandungThe Determinants of Spiritual Poverty in Bandung
4Lily 2Aep WahyudinUIN SGD BandungPolemic about the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Content Supervision on Netflix and Youtube
5GazaniaAgus HalimiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Building of The Religious Consciousness : Devoting To Our Parents
6Gazaniaaida azizahUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangCharacter-Building Values In Indonesian Fairy-Tale Textbooks of Junior High Students
7AzaleaAji AntoroUniversitas IndonesiaAnalysis of Vat Facility Policy For Procurement of Railway Based On Certainty And Simplicity Principles (Case Study of Railway Company In Jakarta)
8GazaniaAlhamuddin AlhamuddinUniversitas Islam BandungEmpowerment of Cassava Farmers through Processing of Local Potential Based on Home Industry in Kampung Dangdeur Cikalong Village, Cikalong Wetan District, West Bandung Regency
9GazaniaAlhamuddin AlhamuddinUniversitas Islam BandungDeveloping Core Competencies in Islamic Hihger Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
10GazaniaAllya Roosallyn AssyofaUniversitas Islam BandungGreen Behaviors Factors on Green Human Resources Management Practice on the Employees of “The first movers on sustainable banking” in Indonesia
11GazaniaAndhita Nurul KhasanahUniversitas Islam BandungMindful Parenting : Study On Parents of Preschool Children
12AzaleaAni YuningsihUniversitas Islam BandungCreative Publicity In Health Promotion For Urban Communities
13AzaleaAni YuningsihUniversitas Islam BandungOptimization of The Role of Communication Kim In The Urban Community
14ChrysanAnna Rozana Syamsoul RidzalUniversitas Islam BandungThe Impact of Gratitude and Self Control to impulsive Buying Behavior of UNISBA Students
15ChrysanAnne MaryaniUniversitas Islam BandungInterpersonal Communication of Social Workers and Teacher Communication Climate as an Effort to Improve Human Resources
16Lily 2Anne RatnasariUniversitas Islam BandungBusiness-partner Relationship in Empowering MSME
17ChrysanAnsofino AnsofinoSTKIP PGRI Sumatera BaratDevelopment of Halal Tourism Destinations Using Creative Economic Agglomeration Model To Improve West Sumatera Economic Growth
18ChrysanAnsofino AnsofinoSTKIP PGRI Sumatera BaratTrade Integration Can Turn To Economic Development Convergence In Asean Countries?
19Lily 2Arbaiyah SatrianiUniversitas Islam BandungThe views of online media journalists about an application of the truth principle in covering Reunion 212
20AzaleaAri YuliantiUniversitas Islam BandungHospital Management System Analysis In Effort To Improve Service Quality By Using Structured Design Life Cycle Method (A Case Study of Al-Mulk Regional Public Hospital In Sukabumi City)
21Lily 2Arif FirmansyahUniversitas Islam BandungThe Concept of Land Rights Land Remaining in the Context of Certainty Law
22ChrysanArif HakimUniversitas Islam BandungThe Literacy of The Disaster Mitigation For Early Childhood Children
23AzaleaAriyantoUniversitas IndonesiaAnalysis of The Final Income Tax Treatment for The Procurement of Imported Materials in The Construction of Power Plant Project at PT XYZ based on the certainty principles of tax collection.
24GazaniaAsnita Frida SebayangUniversitas Islam BandungLocal Economic Sustainability Issue: Lessons from Rotan Ketak Industry in Central Lombok Regency, Indonesia
25AzaleaAtie RachmiatieUniversitas Islam BandungLocal Radio Business Diversification in Facing Media Industry Competition
26GazaniaBedjo SantosoUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangThe Role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Through Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs)
27GazaniaChairilisa AzzahraUniversitas IndonesiaBranchless Banking Strategy and Financial Inclusion in Indonesia
28GazaniaChoiril AnwarUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangThe Impact of Total Physical Response towards Private Islamic Junior High Students’ Vocabulary Mastery
29GazaniaCici CintyawatiUniversitas Islam BandungBoosting the Performance of Convection Creative Industry through Supply Chain Management and Brand Image Enhancement
30Lily 2Dede Lilis ChaerowatiUniversitas Islam BandungBuilding Womens Resources in Politics
31AzaleaDedeh FardiahUniversitas Islam BandungContribution of Media Literacy In Promoting Healthy Broadcasting At West Java
32GazaniaDeswita RosraUniversitas Bung HattaThe Readiness of Padang City Government in Facing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
33ChrysanDewi Sartika SartikaUniversitas Islam BandungIslamic Service Climate Profile Analysis at Bandung Islamic University
34Lily 2Diamonalisa SofiantyUniversitas Islam BandungOnline Entrepreneur Training And Importing of Chinese Goods Importing And Marketing Online Based To Under Pensioners And Prospective Pensions For Unisba
35ChrysanDidi MashudiUIN Sunan Gunung DjatiThe Effect of Macroeconomic Variables And The National Stock Price Index On Sharia Price In Jakarta Islamic Index
36GazaniaDinda DwarawatiUniversitas Islam BandungPsychological First Aid (Pfa) Training Ifor Sr-Unisba Organization
37AzaleaDini Dewi HeniartiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Role And Duties 0f The Indonesian National Army In Combating Terrorism In Military Operations Other Than War
38Lily 2Dr. Ade Mahmud, S.H.,M.HUniversitas Islam BandungThe model of the application of criminal sanctions in tackling acts of corruption through criminal money replacement
39PlumeriaDr. Sanidjar Pebrihariati R, S.H., M.HUniversitas Bung HattaDetermination of Village Fund Allocation
40Lily 2Dudi IskandarUniversitas Budi Luhur2019 Presidential Election Campaign in Islamic Newspaper
41ChrysanDwi Agustin Nuriani SirodjUniversitas Islam BandungApplication of Rasch Models In Analysis of Exam Questions In The Faculty of Psychology Unisba
42PlumeriaDyana WijayantiUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangPicturing textbooks on exponent equations based on praxiology organization
43GazaniaEdi Setiadi And Dian AndriasariUniversitas Islam BandungThe Correlation and Cohesion of Criminal Act of Money Laundering (TPPU) and Criminal Act of Human Trafficking (TPPO) Perceived from the Perspective of Criminal Law Reform in Indonesia
44ChrysanEka An AqimuddinUniversitas Islam BandungWhen It Start? Tracking Back International Law in Indonesia
45Lily 2Eneng Nur HasanahUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of “Halal” Word In Social Media Using Text Mining and Word Networking
46Lily 2Eneng Nurlaili WangiUniversitas Islam BandungTraining of Building Positive Characters To Children of Sos Village Indonesia In Lembang
47GazaniaEva FauziahUniversitas Islam BandungLiteration Level of Santri Persis Cipada About School Based Sharia Cooperatives
48PlumeriaEvi ChamalahUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangFolklore Biblioteraphy Method for Early Childhood
49Lily 2Evi DelianaUniversitas RiauHarmonization of Investment Provisions in Indonesia within the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) Framework: Study in Riau Province
50ChrysanEvi NoviantiUniversitas PadjajaranTourism Communication 4.0 in Purwakarta Regency
51ChrysanFahmi Fatwa Rosyadi Satria HamdaniUniversitas Islam BandungAccuracy Test in Determining the Qibla Direction of Mosque and Musola Buildings in Bandung
52ChrysanFarida CoraliaUniversitas Islam BandungPsychoeduction of Psychotic Disorders in Family Caregiver People with Psychiatric Disorders (Odgj) in Sadangmekar Village
53ChrysanFerry DarmawanUniversitas Islam BandungUtilization of Social Media In Developing Community-Based Internet
54ChrysanGenny Gustina Sari, Welly WirmanUniversitas RiauCommunication Strategy of Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of Rupat District in Delivering Information E-KTP to People
55GazaniaHalid Hasan, Endang Siti Astuti, Tri Wulida Afrianty, Mohammad IqbalPOLITEKNIK NEGERI MALANGThe influence of organizational culture, organizational learning, creativity on employee performance
56PlumeriaHappyta Queenamilza OktaviyasmineUniversitas IndonesiaMedia Relations on National Social Security Institution: Case Study on Role of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Public Relations toward The Implementation of Media Relations
57ChrysanHardiyansyahUniversitas Bina DarmaPublic Service Performance in Lahat Regency, South Sumatra
58PlumeriaHartono HartonoUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangEnglish Writing Anxiety of English Literature Students In Indonesia
59PlumeriaHaryadi MujiantoUniversitas GarutThe Effectiveness of Learning Communication With E-Learning Models Using Website On The Contemporary Media Public Relations Lectures
60ChrysanHendrikus PedroUniversitas Gadjah Mada & Universitas Nusa NipaThe Prospect of Cooperatives in Secondary Education Graduates
61ChrysanHendrikus PedroUniversitas Gadjah Mada & Universitas Nusa NipaA Comparative Study on Structural Empowerment of Cooperative Members in Urban and Rural Setting
62PlumeriaHeru SulistyoUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangThe Effect of Customer Knowledge Management And Marketing Dynamic Capability On Smes Performance
63PlumeriaHevy Risqi MaharaniUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangPersistent Errors in Solving Linear Programming
64GazaniaHirawati OemarUniversitas Islam BandungLevel of Understanding and Awareness of Street Vendors Around UNISBA in Providing Halal Food as The Preparation of Halal Certification
65Plumeriaidi jahidiSekolah Tinggi Teknologi Kreatif Binus BandungUsers Perception of Secretary Profession/Position (Study In Bandung Advent Hospital)
66Lily 2Ifa Hanifia SenjiatiUniversitas Islam BandungWaqf Asset Management: Overview of Regulations and Legislation (Case Study on waqf institution in Indonesia)
67Lily 2Ihsana Sabriani BorualogoUniversitas Islam BandungBullying Victimisation in Elementary School Students in Kota Bandung
68AzaleaIke Junita TriwardhaniUniversitas Islam BandungTeacher communication strategy to build parental involvement in science education for children in school (Case study at Tunas Unggul Bandung School)
69PlumeriaIma AmaliahUniversitas Islam BandungDeterminants of Non-Performing Financing in the Short- and Long-Run: Evidence from Indonesian Islamic Banks
70Lily 2Indri Utami SumaryantiUniversitas Islam BandungIncreasing knowledge and skill in preventing Children Sexual Abuse
71Lily 2Indri Utami SumaryantiUniversitas Islam BandungPersonality and social media addiction among college students
72ChrysanIndriyati KamilUniversitas LanglangbuanaCommunication Model In Management of Conservation Areas (Case Study In Kamojang Nature Reserve)
73AzaleaIrena Paramita PramonoUniversitas Islam BandungAndroid base accounting application in Indonesia
74AzaleaJejen HendarUniversitas Islam BandungThe Regulation of Islamic Philanthropy In Indonesia: Problems And Prospects
75Lily 2Johan FaladhinUniversitas Muhammadiyah RiauImpression Formation and Shopping Experience to Encrease Brand Awareness of SKA Mall
76Lily 2Kania NurcholisahUniversitas Islam BandungThe Influence of Intellectual Capital on Performance with Islamic Work Ethics as Moderating
77AzaleaKiki ZakiahUniversitas Islam BandungDevelopment of media literacy Groups for SMK YPC Cintawana Singaparna Tasikmalaya
78AzaleaKosasih KosasihBakti Kencana UniversityStrategic Entrepreneurship in Enhancing the Role and Competitiveness Advantage of Pharmacy Colleges
79ChrysanLeonita PutriUniversitas PadjajaranDeviden Payout Model On Soes (Go Public) In Indonesia
80ChrysanLisa Andayani HasibuanUniversitas IndonesiaThe policy of eliminating regional tax administration sanctions in terms of the principle of justice and the impact on taxpayer compliance
81GazaniaM. Husni SyamUniversitas Islam BandungCorporate Social Responsibility in ASEAN: Study on ASEAN CSR Network
82Lily 2Magnaz Lestira OktarozaUniversitas Islam BandungAccounting Information System Design For Zakat In Accordance With The Accounting Standard Finance (Psak 109) Baitul Maal Unisba
83Lily 2Marizsa HerlinaUniversitas Islam BandungHalal Awareness of Young Muslim Generation towards Cosmetics and Skincare Decision in Bandung
84PlumeriaMaryati BachtiarUniversitas RiauLegal Protection of Plantation Independent Farmers in Determining The Price of Selling TBS (Fresh Fruit Park) in Siak District
85AzaleaMilda YanuviantiUniversitas Islam BandungFactors Influencing Risky Driving : Study in Young Motorcyclists at Bandung, Indonesia
86Lily 2Mochamad Malik Akbar RohandiUniversitas Islam BandungWebsite Quality 4.0 Pada Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru (PMB) Perguruan Tinggi
87AzaleaMohamad Andri IbrahimUniversitas Islam BandungImplementation of Analytical Networking Process (Anp) For Determining Priority Needs Human Resources In The Sharia Financial Institutions
88ChrysanMohammad Wahyu FerdianUniversitas Islam BandungEffect of Islamic Service Behavior on Patient Loyalty (Case Study of General Patients in Midwifery Services at Sayang Cianjur Hospital)
89Lily 2Muhardi MuhardiUniversitas Islam BandungKnowledge Sharing Model In Islamic Education Institution
90Lily 2Muhardi MuhardiUniversitas Islam BandungKnowledge Sharing Model: An Intelectual Capital Development Strategy
91PlumeriaMulyanti SyasUniversitas Islam Negeri Imam BonjolRepresentation of Tolerance in Mass Media
92AzaleaNan RahminawatiUniversitas Islam BandungTeaching Competence Building (To sharpen The Teaching Skill of Early Childhood Education Teachers)
93GazaniaNeneng NurhasanahUniversitas Islam BandungBMT establishment of upstream-downstream coffee processing micro business in Margamulya Pangalengan Village
94GazaniaNeni RuhaeniUniversitas Islam BandungThe Outer Space Exploration Under International Space Law: An Islamic Point of View
95PlumeriaNeni Sri ImaniyatiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Implementation of the Health Care BPJS Connected to Balance Principle in Economic Law and Sharia Principles
96PlumeriaNeni Sri ImaniyatiUniversitas Islam BandungWadi’Ah Contract In Dsn-Mui Fatwa Number 02/Dsn-Mui/Iv/2000 Concerning Savings Connected With The Theory of Intention (Nadhariyat An-Niyat) And Sharia Principle
97AzaleaNeni YulianitaUniversitas Islam BandungInfluence of Anti-Corruption Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Social Media
98AzaleaNenny HendajanyUniversitas Sangga BuanaImplications of Women Education and Infrastructure of Health on Quality of Baby Births in Agricultural and Non Agricultural Regions
99GazaniaNia Kurniati SyamUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of Community Based Childrens Early Program
100ChrysanNila NurlimahUniversitas Islam BandungTagar Movement # 2019 Change of President (Case Study of Tagar Movement # 2019 Replace Presidential Presidency Ahead of the Election of the President of the Republic of Indonesia by Mardani Ali Sera)
101Lily 2Nina MaharaniUniversitas Islam BandungPurchase Intention of Private Label Products As The Impact of Visual Merchandising and Customer Value
102GazaniaNopi HernawatiUniversitas Islam BandungAccounting Training Program and Making a Bankable Financing Proposal for UMKM Tofu Cibuntu Bandung
103AzaleaNova YuliatiUniversitas Islam BandungCommunity Movement to Build Awareness on Hiv-Aids.
104ChrysanNugrahaUniversitas Islam BandungEconomics Feasibility Analysis of Cintronella Cultivation And Distillation System(Case Study In Ganunghalu And Rongga District West Bandung Regency)
105Lily 2Nugraha PranaditaUniversitas Islam NusantaraThe Concept of Legal Liability For The Use of Artificial Intelligence That Is Negative Impact Legally As An Understanded Side Product
106Lily 2Nugraha PranaditaUniversitas Islam NusantaraExistence of Potential Areas of Angkasa Room In Sina Mother Ontology Perspective
107AzaleaNunung NurhayatiUniversitas Islam BandungImplementation of Zakat Accounting Information Systems In Supporting The Quality of Financial Reporting of Amil Zakat National Zakat District / City In West Java Province
108PlumeriaNur Kareelawati Abd KarimUniversiti Sains Islam MalaysiaLeadership and change management: making television relevant in the age of digital disruption
109Lily 2Nur KholisUniversitas JemberTotal Communication Learning Model to Support the Effectiveness of Social Interaction for Deaf Children
110AzaleaNurhayatiUniversitas Islam BandungTraining of PKM on Making Financial Statement Using Microsoft Excel at MSMEs in Bandung City
111PlumeriaNuzul RahmayaniUniversitas Islam Sultan Agung SemarangConstruction of the Authority of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Agency in Indonesia
112ChrysanParihatUniversitas Islam BandungImproving Strategy the Zakat Infak Management of Baitul Maal Unisba
113AzaleaPopon SrisusilawatiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Concept of Sharia-Based Social Economic Rehabilitation
114Lily 2Purnama PutraUniversitas Islam 45 BekasiChallenges in Management of Baitul Maal wa Tamwil Based on Waqf
115GazaniaPuti RenosoriUniversitas Islam BandungEmpowerment of Housewives And Teenagers In Albinaa Madrasa Sukarasa Village Arjasari Sub-District Bandung Regency
116Lily 2R. RespitawulanUniversitas Islam BandungEvaluation of Origami Construction as Mathematics Learning Strategy for Early Childhood
117PlumeriaRabiatul AdwiyahUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of the Feasibility Design of West Java Halal Tourism Applications
118AzaleaRaditya Pratama PutraUniversitas Islam BandungBrand Identity: Digital Tourism Instagramable Orchid Forest Lembang
119PlumeriaRafika RahmawatiUniversitas Islam 45 BekasiInternal And External Factors For Determining The Efficiency of Sharia Banking In Indonesia (With The Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Approach)
120PlumeriaRatna JanuaritaUniversitas Islam BandungImplementation of Anti-Corruption in Private Sector in Indonesia from GRC Perspective with Islamic Values
121Lily 2Ria HaryatiningsihUniversitas Islam BandungAnalysis of the Welfare Rate of Slum Areas in Bandung City Based on Consumption Spending Patterns (Case Study: Slum Areas Babakan Surabaya Village, Kiaracondong District, Bandung City)
122ChrysanRinel FitlayeniSTKIP PGRI Sumatera BaratTypology of Social Networks In Transactions In Minangkabau Traditional Markets
123Lily 2Rini Irianti SundaryUniversitas Islam BandungCountry Conultative Institution, As A Form of Democracy Life In The Village
124AzaleaRini LestariUniversitas Islam BandungFactors influence the Quality of Management Accounting Information System and its implication on Good Corporate Governance Implementation.
125ChrysanRizkaUniversitas Muhammadiyah SurakartaE-Commerce Road Map As A Legal Protection For Consumers In The Digital Economic Era
126AzaleaRodliyah KhuzaiUniversitas Islam BandungStudy of Muhammad Natsir Thoughts About Dakwah Harakah
127AzaleaRodliyah KhuzaiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Though of Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi And The Inffluence On West Civilization And Islam
128ChrysanRoifatus SyauqotiUniversitas Darussalam GontorThe Implementation of Sharia Compliance in the Murabaha Contract
129Lily 2Rudy HartantoUniversitas Islam BandungHow does the good corporate governance prevent the internal fraud in banks?
130PlumeriaSeptiawan Santana M.SiUniversitas Islam BandungPelatihan Peliputan Investigatif Korupsi di Daerah Bagi Wartawan Radar Se-Priangan Timur
131AzaleaShafa Husnul KhatimahUniversitas Islam BandungSpeech Therapy Service Design Strategy In Rumah Sehat Terpadu-Dompet Dhuafa Hospital Bogor
132PlumeriaSiska Lis SulistianiUniversitas Islam BandungBank Wakaf Mikro: New Sharia Financial Instruments In Indonesia
133GazaniaSiti Anah KunyatiUniversitas LanglangbuanaSocial Economic Empowerment of Homeless Families in Bandung
134PlumeriaSiti Suriani OthmanUniversiti Sains Islam MalaysiaFake News From The Islamic Perspective
135ChrysanSri FadilahUniversitas Islam BandungCommunity Economic Empowerment Based on Zakat Funds
136PlumeriaSri SuwarsiUniversitas Islam BandungEffectiveness of Training And Development Towards Cultural Competence of Indonesian Fisheries Migrant In South Korea
137GazaniaStephani Raihana HamdanUniversitas Islam BandungDesigning Teacher Training For Improve Early Detection of Children With Special Needs
138PlumeriaSuwandaUniversitas Islam BandungDevelopment of Waste Management Through Increasing the Capacity of Human Resources and the Added Value of Inorganic Waste in the Pasanggrahan Village of Tegal Waru Subdistrict at Purwakarta District
139PlumeriaTaufik Rachmat NugrahaUniversitas PadjadjaranUnderwater Cultural Heriage Protection: An Indonesian Overview
140GazaniaTina OktarinaUniversitas Islam BandungPatient Safety Management Redesign By Using Hospital Failure Mode Effect Analysis (Hfmea) (Case Study of Assyifa Islamic Hospital Inpatient Unit In Sukabumi)
141AzaleaTryas Titi Sariuniversity of Darussalam GontorImplementation of Islamic economic empowerment strategies in the development of Human Resources
142AzaleaUmi RusilowatiUniversitas PamulangIndonesia Lecturer Certification: Pedagogy, Personality, Social and Professional
143PlumeriaVillia AnggrainiSTKIP PGRI Sumatera BaratImplementation of Thematic Learning Models In The Elementary School
144GazaniaWeishagunaUniversitas Islam BandungNon-Productive Land Planning Becomes Biodiversity Park Based on Community Participation Case Study: Cisurupan Village, Cibiru District, Bandung City
145GazaniaWildan Bin Yahya Drs M.Pd.Universitas Islam BandungFast Method Training Read The Quran Bilhikmah For The Tutor Candidate of The Mosque Al-Furqan of Upi And The Mosque Around It
146ChrysanWulan Tri GartantiUniversitas Islam BandungDevelopment of Village Entrepreneurship Through Digital Marketing Communication
147PlumeriaWustari MangundjayaUniversitas Islam BandungSeminar, Training and Workshop as Intervention tools in Organizational Development
148PlumeriaWustari MangundjayaUniversitas Islam BandungWhat are the roles of Change Leader? Cross cultural study in Indonesia
149GazaniaYeti SumiyatiUniversitas Islam BandungIndustrial Safety And Health Risk Management On The Blacksmith Craftsman of Mekarmaju Vilage, Pasirjambu, Bandung Regency
150AzaleaYulianti YuliantiUniversitas Islam BandungThe Comparison Between Credibility And Authenticity of Cubmasters And Scoutmasters of Scouting of Bandung City
151AzaleaYusuf HamdanUniversitas Islam BandungPersonal selling to Sell Home Industry Products
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